Children Washing

Children’s hair is structurally unique from an adult’s. For one, children’s hair is on the average finer, rounder, and lighter in color than adult hair. While adult hair is fully developed and can handle the additional abuse of chemicals (on top of the regular “wear and tear” of heat damage and split ends), a child’s hair cannot. One issue that tends to be more prominent with children’s hair is that their hair is typically more greasy than that of an adults. A special formula is needed to leave kids’ hair clean and shiny, while not risking any permanent damage.

This is largely a problem with children’s hair before they reach puberty. Children often need to wash their hair once a day, especially if they spend a great deal of time playing outside. The environment can cause dirt and grease to build up in their hair and can be an uncomfortable situation for your child.

While most hair care is almost identical to adult’s, there are some special things you need to consider with a child’s hair. Always wash hair using a mild shampoo, especially with younger children, which limits eye and skin irritation. When applying conditioner to longer hair, be sure to condition only the hair below the ears, not the scalp. To reduce oil on your child’s scalp, try to reduce the amount of times each week you wash your child’s hair and only apply conditioner to the lower half of long hair, not the scalp itself. Shampoos that add “shine” to hair will actually add more oils, which is problematic for those with oily hair.

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