Baby & Children

Baby products are products intended to be used on infants and children. Baby products are specially formulated to be mild and non-irritating and use ingredients that are selected for these properties. Baby products include baby shampoos and baby lotions, oils, powders and creams. Manufacturers conduct extensive safety tests to ensure that these products are safe for use on young children. All products should be used only under close adult supervision. It is very important to read and follow the directions for use that are on the product.

Baby shampoos are products that are intended to be used to cleanse the hair of infants and children under the age of three. Baby lotions, oils, powders and creams are products that are intended to be used to moisturize and soften the skin of infants and children. Bath products are products intended to be used for bathing, showering and cleaning. They include bath capsules, bath oils, tablets and salts, and bubble baths. Bath oils, tablets and salts are products intended to enhance the bathing experience. They are intended to soften and moisten the skin, enhance cleaning of the skin and to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. Bath salts can change the salinity of bath water to increase buoyancy and make the body feel lighter in the bath, mimicking the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. Bath salts can also help reduce “pruning,” or the wrinkling of skin, during prolonged exposure to water. Bubble baths are intended to provide a relaxing experience by producing large amounts of bubbles that are soothing and fun.

We offer the line of high quality skin care baby and children products that are effective and healthy. All represented products are 100% natural, and formulated with the highest possible concentration of certified organic botanical ingredients. No parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum ingredients, and certainly no phthalates.


Mild hypoallergenic formula made to gently cleanse baby’s skin and hair

This light and soothing essential oil blend calms baby during bath time

Gentle, non-stripping cleanser leaves skin noticeably soft, smooth and healthy


Naturally scented, the bubbles gently cleanse and condition baby’s sensitive skin

Jojoba and Wheat Germ Oil to nourish and moisturize even the most sensitive skin

The rich, hypoallergenic formula makes bath time a fun time


Gently cleanses baby’s hair with botanical extracts and essential oils

This natural, hypo-allergenic formula nourishes delicate hair and scalp

Leaves hair noticeably soft, smooth and healthy, not irritate baby’s eyes


Uses an organic Essential Oils, Calendula, Shea Butter and Green Tea Extract

Nourishing, non-greasy formula offers deep hydration and absorption

Provides 24 hour moisture protection and is gentle enough for sensitive skin


Serves as a gentle shampoo will keep your baby’s hair and skin healthy and soft

Pure and gentle formula is detergent-free and will clean your baby’s hair and skin

Softens, moisturizes, and strengthens your baby’s hair and skin


Gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive skin and will help retain its natural softness

Helps the baby retain the natural softness of their skin with this gentle baby lotion

Soft, light blend of pure essential oils softness, nourishes, and protects baby’s skin


Gently soothes and protects baby’s skin against rashes and other skin ailments

Light scent of pure essential oils leaves the baby’s skin smelling light and refreshed

Creates a barrier against unwanted moisture whenever extra protection is desired


Soothes and protects the delicate skin of infants and children with herbal extracts

Hypoallergenic and readily absorbed, calms irritated skin and helps speed healing

Especially effective for diaper rash, eczema, rashes and hives

Only healthy, natural botanical and certified organic ingredients that improve and protect the health of your child’s skin over time