DermaMed™ manufactures high quality Natural and Organic Specialty Products, and focuses on product innovation, development and manufacturing in large markets where the benefits of controlled delivery of therapeutic herbal active ingredients can create value in treating skin diseases, arthritis, hemorrhoids, cold, flu, sinusitis and migraine. In order to understand how these remedies work through their topical application, literatures on the skin barrier structure and function and on the mechanisms of action of some well established skin permeation promoters have been studied carefully.

The scientists of DermaMed Pharmaceutical are and will always be appreciating the trust of their customers all over the world. They will always make use of their unique creative feature in developing the best of the topical herbal remedies to protect their customers from the side effect of the long term use of pharmacological drugs.

DermaMed™ is the proud manufacturer of Natural Specialty products, all crafted with the utmost care and attention, to create a high quality product worthy of the reputation the clients have come to know them by. Specialty Balms, Baby Skin Care, Sun Protection, Cosmetics, and private label formulations; as well as adding a new product line of therapeutic tinctures of spagyric extractions (homeopathic remedies).

DermaMed™ is committed to helping you achieve and maintain your highest level of well-being and beauty; and that means using pure organic ingredients to give you the quality you deserve. This is reflected in the products at all levels, the box it comes from in to the product itself.