Deu Cosmetic

DEU Cosmetic™ range of products manufactured in Italy, providing premium anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle skin care, luxury spa and beauty, women’s health products, plus a range of face and body care products for the entire family. DEU Skin Care products have been developed by leading skin experts in Europe in consultation with dermatologists, gynaecologists and skin beauty experts. Clinically tested, patented products, the anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing serums and related products work to reverse the visible signs of ageing.

All DEU products are designed in full conformity to the latest European Medical Device Directives, and carry the CE mark as a sign of compliance with all EU legislation for medical devices and cosmetics alike. Unlike many cosmetic products on the market, the products have been designed, verified and produced under strict pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices. Most of the products have been independently tested and reviewed by leading academic institutions. Full details of the results of safety and efficacy tests are available to view. The all products are of the highest quality and are safe.

“Confiance Italy’s Best Kept Secret” is the first and only cream to get preparation that combines the effects of Botox and filler to improve local tone and firmness with a high moisturizing action to the vulvo vaginal area. This high performance and effective treatment is due to the synergistic action of plant extracts of Glucomannan polysaccharides, using two leading edge biotechnology processes that combine the botox like alga Nannochloropsis Oculata and Hibiscus esculentus to crosslinked high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid. The effect of this remarkable product is to provide a push up effect, and strengthen the vulvo vaginal area in the same way as a filler, but without injections or local discomfort.