Jentschura International GmbH™ is a successful company in the area of Alkaline Body Care and Natural Nutrition. Having its registered office in Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia), the company originated from a drugstore. Together with his mother Margarete and his son Robert, the druggist, industrial clerk, book author and natural scientist Peter Jentschura founded the company Jentschura International GmbH on October 1, 1993. Currently, the company has some 100 employees. The company with its foreign branch in Switzerland exports products and concepts from the area of beauty, joie de vivre and vitality to more than 25 countries.

The management and administration of Dr. Jentschura are based in Münster-Albachten. Here, qualified business economists, professional salesmen, product developers, nutritionists, naturopaths, graphic designers and communication and marketing experts are working hand in hand. The company’s production facility is located in Münster-Roxel. It is here that is opened a modern and architecturally attractive production building on own 13,000 sqm property in early 2009.

There is no such thing as “the great performance” and that long-term success rather consists of a variety of individual achievements. In order to facilitate these numerous individual achievements, Dr. Jentschura creates interesting and permanent jobs for as many employees as possible. The company takes on trainees and trains young people continuously and as such, we are recognised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Northern Westphalia. Jentschura counts on high-quality products and on qualified and committed employees and offers framework conditions where the company is not just the employer but also an institution that provides a family atmosphere offering protection and security.

The company’s philosophy also includes our contribution to the sustainable protection of the environment. This includes renouncing unnecessary packaging, the avoidance of waste and – to the extent possible – the use of raw materials from controlled biological cultivation or collected in the wild. Through the overall performance Dr. Jentschura intends to make a valuable contribution to the well being of society and of every single human being.