DrLouie™ is a premium, natural skin and hair care brand developed in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, in 2005. Dr Louie goal is to provide safe and effective personal care products for aging skin. DrLouie Products are hand blended in small batches at the own government-supported laboratory, what enables to pack nutrient-rich, highly-concentrated natural ingredients in the products. Each product is delivered right after it is made to ensure freshness. Dr Louie products are also free of harmful chemical preservatives. Instead, the patented Self-Preservative System is used. So even the most sensitive skin can still enjoy the benefits of DrLouie™ System without any side effects. The clinical trials were conducted, and it was found that the formulae were safe and suitable for all skin types with the amazing results. This was the humble beginning of Dr Louie Total Skin Care System. Very few cosmetics are entirely free of preservatives; this is because all cosmetic products that contain water are prone to bacterial growth.

Traditional cosmetic preservatives use chemicals to inhibit bacterial growth. But these chemicals are harmful to both the skin and the health, so various international health organizations attempt to regulate the use of these chemicals. DrLouie products DO NOT USE any chemical preservatives. Then how are the products safe from bacterial activities? Simple. Through self-preservation system. DrLouie™’s innovative self-preserving formula adjusts water activity and uses the synergy of the ingredients to inhibit microbial growth. So the products can be free of harmful chemical products while ingredients are still fresh and active

Dr. Louie, the developer of the DrLouie™ cosmetic line, is an expert on self-preservation system and has been working on perfecting a unique self-preservation system for more than 30 years, resulting in 4 patents related to self-preservation formula.