Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global™ is a global network marketing company based in the United States. Today, the company maintains offices around the world – including everywhere from Africa to Europe to Asia. Jeunesse Global has a Diverse Product Lineup that includes a wide range of anti-aging creams and nutritional supplements. The skin care products provide extensive benefits that go deeper beneath your skin than any other cream on the market. They target your DNA, for example, and boost growth at the cellular level. Few other skin creams do that.

“Luminesce” its flagship product lineup. It contains the most popular Jeunesse products. All of the products are all anti-aging skin creams that contain a unique growth factor complex purported to promote healthy skin cell growth on your face. Essentially, Jeunesse Global promises to help you regrow new skin cells while scraping away dead and old skin cells. The secret power of Luminesce lies in something called adipose derived adult stem cell conditioned media. This is the growth factor complex that is purported to encourage the growth of young skin cells to fill in wrinkles, fine lines, and dry spots on your face.

“Instantly Ageless” is another popular member of the Jeunesse Global family. It calls itself a “microcream” and it’s specially designed to fill in wrinkles on your skin. Instead of encouraging your skin to heal itself or promote collagen production, Instantly Ageless works in a totally different way. The small particles of the microcream fill in wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. The key ingredient in Instantly Ageless is Argireline, which is a peptide that has been compared to Botox in terms of its effects on the skin.

“AM & PM Essentials” claim to “delay the symptoms of premature aging.” They’re multivitamin pills that contain a handpicked range of different nutritional supplements that have been suggested to reduce the effects of aging.

“Reserve” is one of the flashier Jeunesse Global products on the market today. It claims to affect your body at a cellular level, helping each individual cell live a longer, healthier, and more productive life.

“FIniti” is the final member of the Jeunesse Global nutritional supplement lineup. Finiti is another multivitamin that promises to reduce oxidative stress on your cells. Finiti works in a similar way to the Luminesce products – it claims to target an enzyme called telomerase and lengthen the lifespan of that enzyme, which in turn adds healthy life to our cells.

“Zen” claims to be a total weight management system. It promises to help any woman achieve her health goals by giving her the nutritional support she needs.

Results of a recent clinical study on the Luminesce™ line of products*:

  • 100% would recommend the products to family or friends
  • 87% felt that their skin looked younger
  • 87% felt an improvement in skin smoothness and luminosity
  • 74% felt an improvement in skin firmness

*Studies conducted by ST&T Research Int. Individual results may vary.

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With Jeunesse™, you are able to work from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. The method focuses on relationships: your clients are friends, and your friends can become dedicated business partners. With one of the most lucrative and balanced compensation plans in the market, the number of people who have built prosperous businesses enrolling in our Financial Rewards Plan is growing at an unprecedented rate. Jeunesse’s business opportunity ignites the passion and imagination of talented entrepreneurs around the world. The unique real-time online global business system leverages the high-tech efficiency and high-touch effectiveness of relationship marketing. It connects and transforms consumers to becoming savvy global entrepreneurs. Join Jeunesse in this “worldwide movement” towards financial freedom and youth enhancement.

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