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    Cashew Nuts

    • Hand shelled to preserve vital nutrition are one of the best-tasting and most versatile nuts
    • Are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and numerous other beneficial compounds, in...
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    Dark Chocolate Almonds

    • 70% dark chocolate covered italian almonds are a customer favorite
    • Perfectly toasted supreme size almonds, generously covered in delicious and smooth dark chocolate
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    Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts

    • This rich dark chocolate covered hazelnuts are sure to be a hit among hazelnuts lovers
    • Chocolate lovers will also enjoy the sweet nuttiness that hazelnuts bring to this uni...
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    Raw Shelled Almonds

    • An excellent source of Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc and Vitamin E
    • Almonds nutrition is most praised due to the presence of monounsatura...

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