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    Curcumin 2000X

    • Curcumin (the principal curcuminoid of turmeric) is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and even stacks up against many anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the side-effects
    • ...
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    • 15-day total body detox, easy, one-step cleanse
    • Antioxidants, trace minerals, and herbs to help neutralize toxins
    • Optimize liver function, the body’s prime organ...
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    Echinacea Immune Support

    • Formulated to fight infections by stimulating the immune system while giving bacterial, viral, and germ protection
    • Provides analgesic, antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, an...
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    Holy Basil

    • Supports normal bronchial lung function, adrenal function, respiratory and cortisol levels
    • Supports normal blood sugar levels, liver function and a normal immune system
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    Holy Basil Tulsi Tea

    • Ideal for daily use, deliciously fresh, caffeine free herbal tea, uplifting holy basil-citrus taste
    • Make hot tea or cool and add to other beverages or use as a base for smo...
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    Immuno Care

    • Supports normal immune function
    • Supports normal leukocyte function and normal phagocytosis
    • Contains amalaki, an excellent source of natural Vitamin C
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    Immuno Multi

    • Advanced daily multi-vitamin and multi-antioxidant
    • 21 essential vitamins and minerals
    • 10 powerful antioxidants
    • The ideal core nutritional platform for all...
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    Pro-Biotik 15B

    • Helps restore natural gut flora
    • Shelf stable with a minimum 15 Billion CFU
    • 5 critical, balanced therapeutic species
    • Contains bacteria naturally found in t...
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    Supreme Immune Booster

    • Formulated to help promote and maintain a healthy immune system with coriolus versicolor mushroom extract
    • Immune booster that features time-honoured, nutrient-packed mushro...
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  • Mineral Medix-Zeolite Powder


    • Mineral Zeolite is a biologically active sorbent, natural food supplement
    • Detoxification, absorption, and removal of toxins from a gastrointestinal tract
    • Prevents ...