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    Bone Density with Calcium

    • Helps to protect and repair connective tissue
    • Helps to maintain proper muscle function
    • Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
    • Helps to ...
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    Calcium (Chewable)

    • The delicious sugar free natural flavors kids love – now available with the natural sweetness of Xylitol
    • Provides ongoing effective nutrition for energy, strength, an...
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  • platinum-coral-calcium

    Coral Calcium

    • Helps to build bones, prevent osteoporosis and hypertension
    • Regulates the contraction and relaxation of muscles, including the heart
    • Helps to prevent muscle cramps...
  • Genestra-D-Mulsion 1000

    D-Mulsion 1000

    • Emulsified vitamin D supplement, a factor in the maintenance of good health
    • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
    • Helps reduce the risk of os...
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    Organic Traditions - Dark Chia Seeds

    Dark Chia Seeds

    • Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO, Raw
    • A high vegetarian source of Fiber, Calcium and Iron with 5 grams per serving
    • A vegetarian source of ben...
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    Four Pillars

    • Includes the four major foundations of good health: vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, human-sourced probiotics and omega-3 essential fatty acids
    • Maintains eye, skin and ...
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  • lavidaspring-hydrogen-ceramic

    Hydrogen Ceramic

    • Water Ceramic Filter Disc is formulated with all natural minerals to naturally enhance and revitalize the drinking water
    • Increases the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkal...
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    Immune Booster (Chewable)

    • Offers immune system support, specially designed for kids’ delicate nutritional needs
    • Proprietary blend of vitamins A, C, E and zinc combined with whole foods, olive leaf...
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    Joint Care

    Joint Care

    • Supports normal bone structure
    • Provides natural calcium supplementation
    • Supports normal hormonal balance
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    • A patented, 100% natural, dietary supplement containing the correct proportions of essential amino acids for human nutrition
    • 99% of its amino acids are used as “building ...
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    Genestra-Maxum Multi Vite

    Maxum Multi Vite

    • Antioxidant and multivitamin combination for optimal health
    • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and provides support for healthy glucose metaboli...
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