• The revolutionary solution to vulvo-vaginal rejuvination
  • The true alternative to injections of fillers and CO2, deep local hydration
  • Reactivates the cellular communication, and restructuring of the extracellular matrix
  • Increases the production of endogenous Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin
  • Effectively counteracting cellular oxidative stress from free radicals
  • Restructures, tightens and reshapes the contours of the vulvo vaginal area with the immediate and long lasting effect
  • Dermatologically tested Hypoallergenic formula, non greasy, does not spot

$119.95 $108.95

“Confiance Italys best kept secret”… Confiance™ is the first and only cream-to-gel preparation that combines a Botox like effect to improve the local tone and firmness while re-moisterising the entire vulvo-vaginal area using its all natural ingredients with long lasting effects. This high-performance and effective anti-ageing treatment is due to the synergistic action of concentrated vegetable and plant extracts of Glucomannan polysaccharides, using two leading-edge biotechnology processes that combine the Botox-like alga Nannochloropsis oculata and Hibiscus esculentus to cross-linked, high-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid.

Confiance™ works by releasing its active natural ingredients through the transition from a soft, gentle cream to an active get to stretch and reduce the depth of wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. The effect of this remarkable product is to provide a pushup effect, and strengthen the vulvo vaginal area in the same way as a filler, but without injections or local discomfort. Confiance™ also restores the fresh and youthful color to the vulvo vaginal area. The transition from cream to gel takes place through the natural heat of the skin, immediately restoring comfort, hydration and an intimate feeling of well being. Confiance™ is also indicated as a lubricant, even during the menopause, to facilitate comfortable intercourse.


High molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Nannochloropsis occulata, Glucomannan polysaccharide, Hibiscus, Mimosa, Aloe vera.


Applied twice daily for excellent results. Confiance should be applied to the perfectly cleansed and dried entire vulvo-vaginal area, morning and evening, with a gentle massaging action paying particular attention to the labia. Confiance is also indicated as a lubricant, even during the menopause, to facilitate comfortable intercourse.