Styrian Gold

Styrian Gold™ is a Canadian company that imports pumpkin seed oil and seeds from Austria and distributes it throughout Canada. Styrian Gold’s mission is to bring to Canada the goodness of this wonderful, healthy, and magical Pumpkin Seed Oil and Seeds .

It all started when Ernestine first came to Ontario from Austria, and discovered that this oil was not available here. As she grew up with it, she knew how good it was! Here in Canada, she only had the limited amounts she was able to bring back from her occasional trips home. When their Canadian friends tried the oil, they said “Wow! It’s so delicious!”. They soon realized there is definitely a market for this oil in Canada. As Canadians are becoming more aware of healthy living, they are constantly looking for new and effective natural alternatives.

The Award of Excellence Seal for the most outstanding pumpkin seed oils in Styria was started in 2003. Each year the producers of pumpkin seed oil get together to determine the best oils produced. There is tough competition and only the best oil producers are awarded this seal every year. This yearly event lasts 3 days of blind tests of smelling, tasting, comparing colour, thickness, viscosity and tasting again and finally evaluating to make sure that only the best Styrian Pumpkin Seed oils are given the award.

Styrian Gold is proud and honored to announce that our oil partner in Styria again received the prestigious Chefs award “Gault and Mill” for the third year in a row. In addition to the Seal of Excellence, there is another way for oil-lovers to identify the unique quality and recognized standard of Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. This is the P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) label. The pumpkin seed oil that Styrian Gold imports to Canada has both the Award of Excellence Seal and the Origin Protection (Protected Geographical Indicator or P.G.I.) label.