Water Purifiers

Pure Water is essential to life as we know it. People bodies consist of anywhere from 55% to 75% water. Pure water is very important in our life. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer. But still we as a people are chronically dehydrated. This is true world-wide, from places where water is scare, and even in the “developed” world where access to fresh, clean and abundant water is readily available.

People in our society have replaced the drinking of water with drinks that are essentially dehydrating such as coffee, tea, soda pop and alcohol. Therefore, not only are they making their bodies more acidic, they are also causing long-term dehydration of their bodies. Because of this, 75% of Americans and Canadians are chronically dehydrated. So we know we need water. But the question of water isn’t that simple anymore. There are more kinds of water than ever, and many different claims for each. We should drink the purest water we can.

Good alkaline, antioxidant water filters remove or significantly reduce the heavy metals, hormones, drugs, fluoride, and even some other chemicals from your tap water. Alkaline, antioxidant water is particularly rich in hydrogen, which has recently been subjected to an impressive amount of research as a health aid. The molecules are small enough to pass through cell membranes with little effort, and researchers believe hydrogen-rich substances to be almost completely without adverse health effects. In fact, if you have an alkaline, antioxidant water filter, you are at the cutting edge of medical science. With an alkaline, antioxidant water filter, you can effectively have your own medicine on tap.

Even when it’s safe to drink from the tap, water can taste bad and, over time, cause damage. Most tap water is not mineralized in moderation, and so you get skin and hair damage, and lime deposits on kitchenware. Nitrates are the most common. While these inorganic compounds are regulated in tap water, their presence still puts infants at risk and, more generally, may indicate bacteria and pesticides. Otherwise, iron and manganese seep through rock and come out the tap, making the water, if not hazardous, bitter and staining. Most often, chlorine is added to disinfect tap water, causing its own problems. While chlorination is cost-effective and safe, its disinfection by-products (DBPs) can be harmful because they are potentially carcinogenic. That, and the taste and odor aren’t great either.

The easy solution is to boil your tap water. At home, boiling water isn’t totally effective. Some contaminants, including hard metals, pesticides, herbicides, and nitrates, remain in boiled water, actually increasing in concentration as water evaporates. At home, as your water boils, add a zeolite-based device to do the work boiling cannot: absorbing chlorine and sediment salts, preventing deposit buildup, reducing hard metals like copper and aluminum, and even enriching your water with silicon and sodium.

We offer innovated multi-functional Hydrogen water ceramics and Zeolite-based sorbent purifies systems make water chemically and biologically pure potable with numerous healthy features for your body.


Improves acid-base balance, calcium and magnesium levels in boiled water

Reduces boiled water hardness and enriches water by silicon and sodium

Decreases hard metals level, residual aluminum and nitrates in boiled water

Hydrogen Ceramic

Converts purified water into Hydrogen Rich Water up to 1000 ppb of Hydrogen

Reduces water ORP from +200 mv to -500mv or more, kills bacteria

Alkalizes and activates water, makes water into micro-cluster

The use of hydrogen-rich potable water and water boiled with a zeolit-based sorbent purifier brings amazing healing power in your life!